We are a Full-Service Agency that can handle all of your needs. We have highlighted a few of the services and benefits we can provide as your trusted Agency.

Full Agency Services

Quality vessel agency attendance services covering the USEC and USG.  We have a knowledgeable team trained for all commodities including coal, grain, petcoke, fertilizers, salt, aggregates, crude and clean liquid products, and cruise and container vessels.  We understand the cargo interests of shippers, receivers, traders, brokers, and/or ship owners.

We have close ties with all port parties and work with a common goal to get the vessel loaded or discharged as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We understand the importance of cargo quality control and minimizing costs to do so.  Whether it be the pilots, tugs, lines, terminals, samplers, and surveyors, we work together to get the job done right with integrity.

Agents work closely and are updated on all regulations involving the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Boarder Protection as well as the US Coast Guard and other regulatory agencies.

Our team is bonded with US Customs and Border Protection as well as fully licensed with the US Federal Maritime Commission. 

Husbandry Agency Services

Our team stands ready to assist vessel owners with their needs in assisting the vessels while in port.  We have the staff to meet onboard, deliver spare parts, coordinate bunkers, schedule arriving or departing crew and deliver cash to master.  When needed we have vetted reputable companies with proper credentials at a fair price to assist in the process.

Freight Forwarding Documentation & Cargo Supervision

Our department has handled every type of cargo that is imported or exported thru the US.  We are experienced with all required documentation and ensure it gets done accurately and quickly.  We also assist with all ACE filing requirements and have notaries on staff.  We have the experience to provide laytime calculations with a staff that can interpret contracts and find ways to save money.

In addition, we have a team qualified to watch over cargo loadings.  They are trained to ensure instructions and sampling requirements are followed, quality control measures are being adhered to, and timely reports are being communicated.  Our team can also assist with coal blends and railcar management.